Melody Cbeebies


Melody CBeebies is a production under the British Broadcasting Cooperation television network whose main aim is to encourage children under the age of six years to learn through playing in a consistent and safe environment. It is produced in the UK by Wish Films and LAAH Entertainment for the BBC. The content produced is set at a pace and in a style that appeals to children. The program is composed of several genres ranging from live action, drama, factual, entertainment and animation.

The program was launched on February 11th, 2013. It is currently formatted to be broadcast in Asia, South Africa, Australia, USA and MENA. The program aims to instill positive behaviors in our children, to encourage respect and create a sense of accountability for the preservation of our planet, Earth.

The program currently focuses on being creative so Melody CBeebies can deliver their message to children in the easiest and most entertaining way. The Melody CBeebies crew Luke Howard hopes to achieve this through narrative and tone, as well as having a diversified drive and an ongoing commitment to reflect and portray a wide range of varied lives on screen. Melody CBeebies has accomplished a lot since it was firstlaunched and it has always focused on representing a wide social demographic.

The Melody CBeebies airs a mix of UK-produced entertainment and educational output that is focused on encouraging learning through play. Theshows are presented through a range of programs about natural history, music and movement, science, storytelling, make up and make do, puzzle programs and animations. They air their programs on a schedule that is the same every weekday. Sticking to a scheduled airing helps children know what is on daily.

The Melody CBeebies uses presenters to interact with the children to achieve links between programs. They achieve linking through the use of in-vision continuity. These links are prerecorded rather than broadcast live.

The Melody CBeebies website has a child-friendly interface with activities and a layout that is themed to all the CBeebies programs with games, songs and print-outs that feature nearly all the shows. The UK versions feature links to Melody CBeebies IPlayer. CBeebies IPlayer is a child-friendly version of the BBC IPlayer that features Melody CBeebies programs only. The website also has a dedicated site that contains advice for raising children and toddlers called CBeebies Grownups. The international channels are run by BBC worldwide and their websites are operated by the BBC Company.