One Off Ecommerce SEO Workshop

One Off Ecommerce SEO Workshop 

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January  9 2020  23.03pm


“ Around one hour,you will learn how to grow inbound search engine traffic on today`s competitive online marketplace.”


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A Gouveia

It will be run on a Tuesday morning, from 11am to till 12

One Off Ecommerce SEO Workshop  - Course Overview

When a customer searches for your product on Google, does your website show up? Chances are you’ve still got a long way to go to reach that first page of results.

Search engine traffic is key to the success of an e-commerce website.

To optimising an e-commerce website for SEO has a unique set of challenges that differ from other types of sites. Plus google algorithms continuously updating almost everday, it is difficult to stand out in today’s competitive online marketplace.

Throughout this course, I will use a line of addresses for estate properties  for Rent and Sale. But also you can use an item name and can be a digital product. It depends on each business if it is for an online hotel reservation , it will be for hotel, in this case I am targeting properties on a specific address(s) for properties for sale or rent so I have to target for estate agent properties, It can change slightly  from one business to another.

One Off Ecommerce SEO Workshop  - Course Outline

Essential Practices

-  First line of a category ( I will not do subcategories  in this tutorial )

- Creating short SEO-Friendly URLs

- Speed of the site

- Site structure

- Keyword research

- Title & Meta tag Optimization

-  End of the workshop  SHOWING  LIVE Results of the rankings/statistics

-  Proof Before short video clips showing , results and before & after these practices we implemented

-  Support provide after workshop



I won’t waste your time and money sitting you in front of a computer or a room full  of people and give you the information for the last 9 years I  know it works, and i`m here to show you how you can make it work for your business!


2 Things to consider before you buy an seo package or service


Costs and the quality of the seo company you work with is important, don`t focus only on the price think of the long then investment tern + very real return for your company  and it`s profits!


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