A. Gouveia is organising this fundraiser.

A. Gouveia is organising this fundraiser.
I've been learning self told SEO and for those who doesn`t know what it means stands for Search Engine Optimization over the past 20 years, over which time I've always sought to advance and develop new techniques and skills to enable me to provide results online to the search engine ( Google ).
Twenty years of building up the software and testing for years from scratch, may of 2023 the developer I was using delete 20% of it. I did pay him but he didn`t like when I did ask to change some bits of it and my luck was that he just had access to part of it otherwise all be gone. I am devastated. The time and so many late hours/years I have putting in and only those who knows and works with this SEO is very hard.
One a different website I do charity so the charities they can use free Articles,News,Press Releases and Events many they want so they can have the traffic to their websites. Now I will look for a new developer to finish the rest of the code. I still have the skill of my trade and the charities still have the traffic for the websites or whatever the need to be there on the front page.
If you would like to help out in any small way, and I know it can be challenging for a lot of people, so I really appreciate any help or support you are happy to give.