St Albans Car Clinic Alert – They Try To Rip Me Off

May 2015, 3-30pm

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Victim Story

After seeing a second opinion about my golf 1.9 GTTDI Diesel I did decide to call this garage to see if they could find the problem on my car.

I book with then my car to see if they could find the problem I have with the speed that when I go thru the gears  it doesn`t go over the limit and then comes down or stays where it is or maybe the previous owner did put on the ECU a speed limit. The owner of St Albans Car Clinic “ROBERT OLDMAN”  did go for a spin and later after 20 minutes or more comes back to me with the news what is going on the car. They did a diagnostic on it, that they didn’t find anything on to stop the speed that I had to pay for it of course. Robert Oldman come back to me that I need a new turbo soon so I was thinking if I really do need a new turbo? I did go back to my mechanic and I did toll him what they did find wrong on the car and the new turbo i dont need it. What Mr ROBERT OLDMAN was saying I need soon a new turbo was rubbish and it was a try straight way to rip me off on the spot.

So just imagine how much they would rip me off with a NEW TURBO + THEIR WORK on the top of it and if you think going to a garage you don’t really know what is going on your car pls ask someone who knows and then go to a garage ( new one or first time ).

So you know on the future you can bring your motor there and you don’t need to worry about this people that they want to take cash from your for fun or wells.

MY CAR RIGHT NOW IS FLYING AND IS FINE. And still the old turbo too... :)